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Sound Therapy or Frequency Therapy is a major trend lately, because people are discovering how powerful it is. You can learn remote healing, use color therapy (chroma therapy), or even experiment with scalar waves using your computer. You can get an app for pain relief that melts away pain in minutes, or another that gets rid of insomnia FAST.

Anyone that can use a phone or computer can use these apps and programs, because they're easy to use!

With discoveries in quantum physics, we're finding that conventional physics isn't valid in some cases.

A simple example...why is a yawn contagious? A psychologist may say it's because of mirror neurons. That theory only works locally, when someone actually sees someone else yawn. It doesn't explain why is a yawn contagious over great distances, like through phone call. That's something we all see and experience, but there's no way to quantify, measure or explain it.

One of the major studies in quantum physics was the "Double Slit Experiment". It has proven that photons were completely random in their movements and patterns, until observed by a person. At this point, the observer snapped the photons to a predictable state. This test was repeatable over a thousand times, by many reputable sources. This made many things that were previously considered "hocus-pocus" - reality.

RadionX Software


With PC software like RadionX and Scalar Wave Generator, you'll discover remote healing and mysterious scalar waves, right on your Windows computer, laptop or tablet.

Soundwest Apps


Our apps are straight out of the future. Simple, no hassle. Put your headphones on, tap a button and get pain relief and more in a matter of minutes.

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We work with the science community and experts in their respective fields. Our software and apps are designed and field tested by the best in the business.

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Coming Soon...

We're working on apps in the new Universal App format. You'll be able to download them from our site and run them on ANY device or computer, anywhere in the world with no internet.