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The Best Rife Machine Technology

Since 1939, when Dr. Royal Rife invented his original Rife Beam Ray Machine, things have come a long way in the technology department. We've also aquired a great deal og information about frequencies and also their effects on health. For instance, because of cell phone cancer research, we now know that RF frequencies are highly dangerous to humans.

Many people in the Rife Machine field are confused and also mislead by the concept of RF frequencies with Rife generators. The RF frequency was ONLY required to run the beam ray tube as well as had absolutely NO part of the resonance healing process. The frequencies that do all of the work in a Rife Machine are all in the audio range. These audio frequencies were modulated on to the RF frequency for the tube, so the tube would work. Back then, transistors were'nt even invented yet. Rife did a brilliant job and also if he were here today, he would be doing things exactly like bztronics.

Quote Dr. G. Wilson, who worked with Royal Rife himself " I believe if Dr. Rife were here with us today he would be using all available technologies to accomplish his goals, including software."

There was a stage where handheld electrodes were used to put audio frequencies within the body. These systems are dangerous, because of the short and long term effects on the heart from running electricity through it. Despite that, they still sell them, because they do work.

The progression of Rife technology has come to a wonderful turn, thanks to bztronics. They have developed systems called Life Frequencies that use Rife technology at it's most powerful as well as safe conception to date, using special sound waves as well as speakers. Life Frequencies systems also offer pain relief and TBSW technology for theta healing. The best thing about these systems are - they run on your computer, without the need for external electronic hardware as well as other complicated stuff.

If Royal Rife were here today, Rife Pro X in bztronics' Life Frequencies Professional would have exceeded everything that Rife will sometimes have possibly dreamed of and more. So now that we've determined what the best Rife Machine is (bztronics Life Frequencies Professional), what about the rest of them?

The GB4000 Rife Machine is probably next in line. It's fairly expensive. It uses the older handheld electrode technology - so beware. Overall, it is very effective and also does a good job getting risd of cancer along with parasites.

There are some Rife Machine manufacturers that advertise "Over a million healing frequencies". These systems are modified function generators that are used in high school electronics classes. Be VERY cautious about these! These function generators go from 1 to 1 million Hz. There are very FEW frequencies in this range that actually HEAL. Many can be outright dangerous.

Hulda Clark units are also effective, however the frequencies output by these units are in the RF range. We discussed that RF is bad for people earlier. The best way to use the Hulda Clark frequencies is to use the BEST Rife Machine - Life Frequencies Pro, and convert them to audio frequencies with the built-in converter in Rife Pro X.

So the verdict is - Life Frequencies Professional has Rife Pro-X built toward it, which is hands down the best Rife Machine available, as well as being the safest and also most effective! Congratulations bztronics, for your wonderful contribution to humanity!

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Rife Technology in the Age of Modern Computers

Rife Technology is based on the foundation of physics as well as electronic resonance. Everything in the universe has its own resonant frequency based on its atomic content. Resonant frequency may be described as the frequency that causes an echo or resounding. Two examples are as follows.

1. An opera singer shatters a wine glass by singing the note that is the resonant frequency of the wine glass. The wine glass will echo or ring when that frequency is directed toward it.

2. A factory moved next to a chicken farm. Shortly after the factory began operation, the chickens on the farm died. It was determined through scientific research that the chickens died because the factory was emanating a frequency of 7 Hertz (Hertz is the measurement of frequency). Seven Hertz happened to be the resonant frequency of the brain cavity of the chickens.

Everything has a frequency. We see a "red" laser as red, only because of the frequency of red light. We hear an "A" note as it is, because of its frequency, which is 440 Hz (Hz - short for Hertz). Just as every thing has a frequency, everything therefore must have a resonant frequency.

When two different frequencies are combined, a third or modulated frequencyis created. When using a tuning fork to tune a piano, one can hear the modulating frequency until the piano note is in precise resonance with the tuning fork. If the opera singer from the example above directs the sound to a variety of wine glasses, only one type of wine glass will shatter as well as the others will remain steadfast. This is because all things have a unique resonant frequency of their own. This is a simple law of the universe that applies to all things living or not.

Why does the wine glass shatter? If an object is resonated or in several cases modulated with a separate frequency around the resonant frequency of the object, it causes a reconstruction or separation of atoms or electrons. When this occurs, the object may no longer hold its form or state. Electrons can orbit the nucleus in separate distances from the nucleus. This is referred to as a valence band. There will sometimes be a large number of valence bands in a single atom and also there can be any given number of electrons in each valence band. There are an equal number of protons and electrons in a single atom. The construction of how a large number of electrons as well as their configuration in these valence bands determine what the material is. The simplest of all atoms belongs to Hydrogen, which consists only of one electron along with one proton. Every molecule, cell along with object in the universe is made up of atoms. There are several ways to manipulate the structure of these atoms.

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A cancerous cell residing in a human has a different resonant frequency than that of the surrounding cells. The same applies to bacteria and also viruses. A Rife Machine is used to resonate and also destroy the invading cells leaving the surrounding good cells unharmed. This is what Rife Technology is based on.

By gently stimulating the thyroid gland with the correct frequencies, you can safely increase your metabolism along with lose weight fast. Clearly, this is as easy to understand as an opera singer shattering a wine glass through resonance. There are several proven uses of this effect, such as stopping pain along with curing disease.

It's important to note: As computers become more powerful, so does the power of DSP (Digital Signal Processing). In the past, people have tried to use simple signal generating software to achieve results. The results were poor at best. In the new age of advanced computers and electronics the new Rife Technology Software uses advanced DSP as well as to easily achieve the same results as Rife and also his team did with more primitive equipment.

Bob has his main degrees in electronics and also software design. Throughout the years he has studied the various fields of alternative treatments through Rife Technology as well as <#Keyword> sound wave generation.

Rife Machine Lyme Disease Information

Rife Machine Lyme Disease Tips

Lyme disease is like an invisible plague. You may be one of plenty of who is dealing with it while many exams show no indication of the disease. As conventional antibiotic treatments frequently fail you can want to take in the direction of consideration the usage of a Rife Machine for Lyme.

But just what is a "Rife Machine"? And how does a rife machine support Lyme disease?

A Rife Machine is a unique electromagnetic tool which utilizes specific frequencies to devitalize the pathogenic micro-organisms (spirochetes) that cause Lyme disease.

Royal Raymond Rife established this historical technology in the 1930's following his innovation of the Universal Microscope which enabled him to watch both bacterias and also viruses in a living state with his microscope.

However Rife failed to commercialize his "Rife technology" along with most of the working concepts were lost to history until just recently.

Kinds of modern "Rife Machines" for Lyme disease:

Since Royal Rife never effectively commercialized a Rife Machine any modern machine that declares to be a "Rife Machine" is being at least somewhat misleading. While a device might be made based upon certain concepts that relate to exactly what Royal Rife was doing in his research there is no direct link in lineage of any of these machines to the actual machines that Royal Rife developed in the 1930's.

That being pointed out several individuals have discovered benefit from using these modern-day, so called "Rife Machines" for Lyme either in conjunction or as an alternative to antibiotics. If you have Lyme disease I encourage that you consult with a Lyme Literate Doctor to aid with your treatment no matter what method you select.

Royal Rife's original 1930's machines were fairly high powered radiowave broadcasting machines comparable to exactly what an amateur radio (HAM) operator would certainly have utilized back then however they operated with an one-of-a- kind combo of radiowaves pulsed with lower audio frequencies.

Many of the modern appliances that have a tendency to deliver even more below average outcomes (less consistent) have overlooked the higher radiowave part of the original unique combo as well as instead make use of only lower audio frequencies. These lower audio frequencies are either delivered through conductive electrodes (cylinders and/or flat pads) or with a glowing plasma tube (glass bulb filled with argon or other noble gases which are ionized by the frequencies). When the frequencies are delivered through conductive electrodes the instrument might be called a "direct contact" machine. When low frequencies are delivered through a plasma tube without the radiowave effect that Royal Rife made use of in the 1930's the instruments are typically called an EMEM machine.

Yet another type of machine which is frequently called a "Rife Machine" for Lyme disease is the Doug Coil or Coil Machine. This equipment works on a concept so different from exactly what Royal Rife developed that it ought to be recognized as the high powered pulsed magnetic therapy device that it is. Pulsed Magnetic Treatment is yet another type of electromagnetic therapy that has been proven successful for lots of years and come to be quite favored in Europe. The Coil Machine does seem to be useful when utilized with a number of frequencies that were at one time thought to be Rife's MOR (pathogenic killing) frequencies, nonetheless these lower frequencies have actually been shown to not be Rife's real MOR frequencies. The fact that these machines have been helpful for Lyme patients shows that more research is required to understand why however sadly a large number of Lyme patients have actually found them complicated to utilize.

The last type of so called "Rife Machines" is the type that is transmitting their frequencies from a plasma tube utilizing a radiowave that is pulsed by a lower audio frequency. These are the closest to just what Royal Rife used in the 1930's as well as when finances isn't an element this is the favored style of Rife Machine for Lyme disease.

There are a number of important considerations when considering this style of "Rife Machine". First you should recognize that just since the frequencies are originating from a gas filled plasma tube (with ionized noble gases) it does NOT suggest that a radiowave is being used. As you've read earlier in this write-up the EMEM style of devices do not make use of a radiowave. It's my viewpoint that these machines will sometimes be a less successful Rife Machine for Lyme disease though I have actually individually found benefit with them for recovery from sports accidents.

Secondly, a remarkably important element when picking a radiowave broadcasting plasma tube machine is the frequency range for the radiowave carrier. The greatest frequency range based upon historical research seems to be 3.1 to 3.3 Mega Hertz (MHz or million cycles per second) and there is additional advantage when this radiowave carrier frequency will sometimes be tuned by the operator. Several systems out there use a much greater frequency carrier wave - due to the ease of manufacture (they use a customized CB radio) in the 27 MHz range. This is NOT an ideal frequency range based upon historical information and feedback from users.

So the most effective style of Rife Machine for Lyme disease is a radiowave broadcasting appliance that is delivering the frequencies to a plasma tube so no conductive electrodes are required. The radio frequency (called the carrier wave) must be capable of 3.1 or 3.3 MHz so search for this range. Preferably it should utilize a vacuum tube oscillator; this makes it genuine to the 1930's historical technology in order to match the style of waveform used by the most effective machines. Any sort of solid state (modern) electronic version may just attempt to imitate the waveform of a vacuum tube however just can't match it.

- by Joshua Parker

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How to Detoxify Using Rife Frequencies

The rage in home health care these days is all about detoxifying. And for good reason! We all are accumulating toxins every day just by existing on our planet in it's current state. We get them from the food we eat, the air we breathe, even the water we drink. Throw in an unhealthy habit like smoking or cocktails at five and also your poor body is being absolutely bombarded by troublesome toxins.

The way our bodies naturally gain rid of toxins is by sweating and urinating. Athletes who have few unhealthy habits along with are out there running ever day and also drinking lots of purified water will sometimes be doing a decent job of keeping their toxin levels down naturally. The rest of us need to do something about it before our immune system becomes so bogged down by them that it allows our body to break down at some weak link - possibly contracting a nasty disease of some type.

If you do not remove all the toxins you accumulate today, they stick around and also tomorrow's toxins just build on top of them. It doesn't take very long before you are accumulating them at an alarming rate. This can result in very serious health problems. That's why you are starting to see so a large number of detoxification products being sold on late night television commercials.

Perhaps the best way to detoxify is by using a Rife Frequency Machine. These devices are based on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's work in the 1930's. He showed that specific radio frequencies may safely destroy invasive microbes along with unwanted growth cells without adversely affecting the body's tissue or cell structure, and without harming the good bacteria in our system. This is because every molecule actually resonates at a specific frequency, as well as by isolating the frequencies of toxins and also bad bacteria only they are affected by those radio waves. It's why an opera singer can break a wine glass without hurting anybody or anything else around it. Dr. Rife eventually isolated 52 frequencies that could be used to destroy certain unwanted cells, including tuberculosis as well as cancer.

Today's Rife Machines have expanded on Dr. Rife's original work along with may offer up to 750+ healing frequencies. (Life Frequencies Professional) By using combinations of these frequencies several specific ailments can be effectively targeted. Perhaps the best use of the machine is simply a general detoxification setting, applied several times per week. The user simply holds steel cylinders (or attaches electrode pads) and also runs the detox setting for a few minutes, followed by drinking a healthy dosage of pure water. Toxins are flushed out and the immune system stays strong. It's a very effective way of removing toxins, and a heck of a lot more convenient than some of the wacky stuff you see being peddled on those late night commercials!

The other use for Rife Frequency Generator machines is to target the bad cells in your body which are responsible for certain health complaints. Rife frequencies have been reported to be very effective in treating arthritis, diabetes, infections, joint pain, nerve disorders, and also even the common cold. Keep in mind that the FDA does not recognize this technology as an accepted treatment method, so it falls under the category of alternative healthcare.