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bztronics - Changing the Future of Health

bztronics is an American Software Technology Company that was formed in 1992. It's initial years were advanced aviation instruments and electronic hardware for commercial and military aircraft. They were FAA certified for all classes of instuments and avionics.

In 2004, bztronics changed their entire format to use thier advanced technology skills for alternative health. Rumor has it that the change was made due to the owner's wife having cancer.

The first software release to the general public from bztronics was called Alternative Choice Rife Machine Software. They had a previous version named AERT that was only available to doctors and the scientific community.

As time went on, they developed Life Frequencies Systems, which are still currently available today. Life Frequencies software changed the world of alternative health. At first it was heavily scrutinized, mainly from Rife Machine manufacturer's of the time. However, that didn't last long, because of the World Alternative Health Conference in Toronto in 2009.

One of bztronics representatives killed parasites using Life Frequencies under a dark field microscope in under 3 minutes. This was viewed on a big screen live, by a couple of thousand people that were well connected.

After that, their software was used in major Universites, including Stanford, Princeton, the University of Washington and others for frequency experiments. That trend continues today.

bztronics currently has software available to the public and is used by doctors and alternative health practitioners worldwide. When being used in West Africa for Ebola, it was found that the software could also be used to purify water. This was a great help to Doctors Without Borders at the time, because of aweful conditions there.

The company should be commended for all they have endured over the years. Smear campaigns from Google and big pharma put out FAKE sites like storereviews.com and Quackwatch in an attempt to discredit their amazing work. Fortunately, people are getting wise to these FAKE NEWS tactics.

They don't seem to use paid advertising on search engines or other sites. This says a great deal about their stellar reputation among the science and alternative health communities. To survive the Internet for so many years is a feat in itself.

With the company's heavy involvement in electronic engineering design and core level programming abilities, they advanced on many concepts of frequency healing and Dr. Royal Rife's original work. bztronics algorithms were the first that made using audio possible for Rife frequencies.

bztronics TBSW Technology - The Basics

A binaural beat occurs when there are two separate frequencies subjected to the left and right ears. For instance, if you run 300Hz in the left ear and 305Hz in the right ear, the binaural beat frequency is 5 Hz. In 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove found that certain binaural frequency combinations can naturally induce relaxation, creativity and other desirable states. This eventually became known as brainwave entrainment.

In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, there was a great deal of experimentation with different frequency combinations by the CIA and KGB during the cold war. During the process, binaural beats became something else on the more sinister side. First the frequencies were tested for almost any effect imaginable, then subliminal messages and patterns were added to the basic beats. The Monroe Institute's HemiSync systems use a variety of these combinations.

bztronics TBSW on the other hand, goes back to the basics. There are no patterns or subliminal messages imposed on the waveforms. bztronics' TBSW technology uses pure, unadulterated frequencies.

TBSW stands for Trilateral Balanced Sine Wave. The waveforms are pure sine waves with a center dimension that adds an entirely new spectrum of frequency combinations to a binaural beat. Overall, this adds a 3D spectrum and a positioning effect to binaurals, which give much more control and a powerful effect.

Why? It's known that the two sides of the brain are not always in the same state. For instance, one side may be in "Alpha" state while the other may be in Theta. TBSW creates a balance to allow maximum effectiveness for frequencies (ie Pain Relief, Insomnia, Stress and more).

With TBSW we can use 111 Hz as our Center Frequency, 4.0 as our Left Frequency and 2.5 ( A Theta Frequency Pain Killer) as our Right Frequency. Now we have an extra frequency too, the difference between 4.0 and 2.5 = 1.5 Hz (Which is Abraham's Universal Healing Frequency).

What we end up with is a very powerful, natural pain killer with healing benefits in a single TBSW waveform. By altering a single frequency, we can have the same benefits and add a sleep inducing frequency to kill pain and go to sleep. Can you see the power in this?

You could place a Rife Frequency as the Base Frequency in the mix and have a set that kills the flu virus, stops pain, helps you sleep and promotes healing all in one TBSW preset.

In Life Frequencies Pro 3, TBSW PRO adds Dual Mode and Scalar Waves to TBSW. By combining Rife, Chakra or other frequencies in combination with Theta and other "state" frequencies, the possibilities are very exciting. Dual Mode and Scalar Waves add new dimensions.

Scalar Waves are a controversial subject that use equal and opposite waveforms to produce a zero point energy state. In many cases using Scalar Waves with TBSW can enhance the power of TBSW.

You can easily check out the zero point state by running a simple TBSW combination and positioning your head in front of a pair of matched speakers. With Scalar Waves ON, there is a point in your head's position where you will hear absolutely nothing. The Scalar Waves in Life Frequencies Pro 3 are accurate down to 11 digits of Pi.

bztronics Reviews

We looked for reviews about bztronics. They are out there and real ones are hard to find, because of the nature of their business.

What we did find, is a group of sincere testimonials from their real customers on the Media page of bztronics.com.

It seems that, considering Facebook and other social sites are quickly becoming unpopular, bztronics may have been ahead of the curve again.

What you can find other than that are real reviews from people on Rife forums or in scientific publications over the past 20+ years. It looks like they also have a couple of books on alternative energy published. One is available on Amazon, the other a paperback from the mid 1990s.

Below is a glowing bztronics review from a doctor who worked with Royal Rife

Just to let you know, I've been involved using Rife equipment in research for many, many years. More than I would like to admit. I've owned multiple kinds of equipment and also built my own over the last 30 years. But, I believe if Dr. Rife were here with us today he would be using all available technologies to accomplish his goals, including software.

I've found your software extremely easy to use and to obtain results equal to or better than equipment selling for thousands of dollars. I use it almost daily in my practice.

I have presently used your software with over 400 individuals. All have positive results, some with unbelievable recoveries."

Dr. G. Wilson - PhD, MH, ND

From bztronics Website

bztronics came into existence in late 1992 as primarily an advanced electronic hardware and software design company. We've been on the Internet since 1993.

Throughout the 90s we designed custom electronics, software and firmware for several corporations like Atlas Energy, Boeing, Imagineering, Lockheed, RayTech and others. We also had military and commercial aviation contracts around the globe. We were FAA Certified for all classes of instruments and avionics. We set new standards for the FAA and the aviation industry and some of our original concepts are still used today.

Since 1992, we've been well aware of resonance and Rife Technology.

In 2004, bztronics began extensive research into new alternative health systems using frequencies. Our initial success with results and field testing, shifted the company's entire focus to helping people and making life more livable. Since then, healing using frequencies has been the main engineering task.